KARAI SANGAMAM 2014 – Sports Tournament


Karai Welfare Society is hosting a summer event at Rosehill Recreation Ground, Rose Hill, Sutton, SM1 3HH.  POST CODE FOR SATNAV – SM! 3EU


This event is unites all karainagarian who lives in UK and Europe. All Karainagarian can take part in the event, whether members or non-members.  


The day about;

1)    Meeting and making new friends.

2)    Integrate our next Karai next generation.

3)    Appreciate and recognising the sport talent within our community.

4)    Encourage young and adult to participate.


Sports- Five a side football, Six a side cricket, Races, Tug of war, and Thaichi etc.


Interest participant please contact; Mono;- 07859  900 771, Kumar;- 07951 950 843, Nada:- 07534 097 601 Nathan – 07944232 014