KWS(UK) Projects
TOTAL= £238,764

Year            Fund Provided

    2016                  £29,704
    2015                  £8,250
      2014                  £22,020
        2013                  £16,305
          2012                  £6,175
            2011                  £13,150
              2010                  £63,100
                2009                  £3,700
                  2008                  £4,000
                    2007                  £3,000
                      2006                  £6,200
                        2005                  £19,000
                          2004                  £4,800
                            2003                  £3,000
                              2002                  £3,500
                                2001                  £6,000
                                  2000                  £4,650
                                    1999                  £15,260
                                      1998                  £1,500
                                        1996                  £1,000
                                          1995                  £500
                                            1994                  £3,950
                                                TOTAL     =      £238,764

                                                  Karainagar in 2040

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    The Annual General meeting of the Karai Welfare Society (UK) – 2012

    பிருத்தானிய காரை நலன் நலன்புரிச் சங்க வருடாந்த பொதுக்கூட்டம் 2012


    பிருத்தானியா காரை நலன் புரிச் சங்கத்தின் 2012 ம் ஆண்டிற்கான வருடாந்த பொதுக்கூட்டம் (AGM ) இன்று HARROW COUNCIL CHAMBER HALL, STATION ROAD, HA1 2UX , எனும் இடத்தில அமைந்துள்ள மண்டபத்தில் இனிதே நடைபெற்றது. கடந்த வருடம் இருந்த நிர்வாகசபை ஒருசில மாற்றங்களுடன் மீண்டும் தெரிவு.


    The Annual General meeting of the Karai Welfare Society (UK) was held on Sunday 21st October 2012, 3.00 PM at the HARROW COUNCIL CHAMBER HALL, Harrow and was chaired by the President Mr P. Thavarajah. It was attended by over fifty members and friends.


    The meeting began with prayer and a minute silences for people who lost their life during the war in Sri Lanka. Following the event, the President welcomes the members and highlights current projects and future plans including republishing historical books and working together with fellow Karai Societies.


    The Secretary read out KWS (UK)’s all activities during the past twelve months and followed by treasure report that was approved by the members. Treasure was also outlined the next year fund allocation and current fund commitments. Proposed fund allocation from the membership subscription are as follow; Emergency fund -10%, Education 50%, Health 10 %( plus charity money box collection) and water related projects.


    During the question & answer session, members have raised number of questions and recommended valuable suggestion on KWS projects. The committee have responded to the quires and took on board their suggestions / opinions for consideration.


    Mr Sathasivam Master explained to the audience that the current situation in Karainagar and the difficulties facing by the Karainagar people, schools and water supply issues.


    The current Executive committee was re-elected for current year with minor changes in their role with few new trustees.


    President Mr P. Thavarajah


    Vice President Mr S. Konesalingham


    Secretary Mr S.Sivapathasuntharam


    Asst. Secretary Mr S. Manoharan


    Treasurer Mr N Ravindran


    Asst. Treasurer Mr P Gnanananthan


    Other Trustees

    Mr B Myooran

    Mrs M Nadarajah

    Mr V. Nadarajah

    Mr K Parameswaran

    Mr A. Pushparajah

    Mr T Ragupathirajah

    Mrs C Saravananthan

    Mr K Sarvananthaligam

    Mr E Thyanantha

    Mr K Vigneswaran


    Karai Welfare Society (UK)


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