Future Projects




KWS is funding construction of a passenger shelter with a travel office at the Valanthalai Junction, Karainagar. Valanthalai junction is situated at entrance to Karainagar where joining the both main roads, B197 (Karainagar Circular Road) to West, AB17 (Karainagar Road) to East and that merging with Ponnalai causeway. This junction is a used by majority people to commute to / from the mainland.

KWS bought a plot of land in front of the AGA office in 2005. Proposed building dimension approximately 15m long, 3m wide and 3.5m height. The pavement area will have tarmac and be able to accommodate at least three buses at any one time.

The building will be named after memorial of late Mr Thiliambalavanar.

This building will be not only be use for board and alight passengers from the bus, it will also provide visitors and travel information and issuing travel season ticket by SLTB to the commuters including students.

This bus stand will have clear sign post, street lamps and a telephone facility.

KWS is proposing to hand over the building to the AGA, once the building is completed.



KWS is proposing fund the eye screening and Cataract surgery project with the support of the local eye specialists. This fund covers Eye screening, cataract surgery, lenses and post operative drugs.

Cataract is a common cause of blindness in the old age. Eye screen is also detected major illness and disease at early stage.

Our fund will also cover those cataract patients who cannot afford to buy the lens and eye drops which are not available free in Sri Lanka.

Cost per patient is approximately £50. The cost of pair of glass and eye drop is approximately £5 per person. So far, we have identified 28 patients who will require Cataract surgery. The surgery will be carried out in Moolai hospital in the near future.

We expect to continue this project year on year with your help. Please help us to help poor people to get their sight back.


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