Completed Projects

 PROJECTS FUNDED BY KWS (UK) SINCE 1994- TO DATE (This table is yet to be fully updated…)

2017 Maniyam Veethi, Kesadai Veethi, Neelakandu Cemetry cleaning & £ 5,015
2017 Kallidi Kulam Land purchase £ 1,965
2017 Enlightenment Circle – Venni Cataract Surgery 2017 £ 4,160
2016 Karainagar Hindu College land purchase fund raised £16,425
Donation (KWS(UK) committee members) to backbone affected patient (Maappaanavoori) £325
Buying land for pond near Venon bund £2,500
Iron Syrup supply to Karainagar primary school children £1,128
Karainagar Library Computer section fund £1,500
Education fund for impoverished Karainagar students (via AGA) £753
Computer centre furnishing (Kalai Ilakkiya Ariviyal Nadpuravaalar Vaddam) £722
Arunasalam Book Publication £250
Funding provided to 13 Karainagar Sports clubs (Jun 2016) £3,103
Saiva Maha Sabai – Prizes & refurbishments (Jun 2016) £300
Cataract camp in Mullithivu for 100 people through Enlightenment Circle – SMS(UK) £2,500
Karainagar Muththamizh Peravai (Kalapoomy) £300
Solar Lantern Donation to Karainagar through iEnergy (UK) FREE
2015 Karainagar Hindu College – Playground improvement – Money Allocation £5,000
Suntharamoorthy School – Playground improvement – Money Allocation £2,500
CTB – Grease pump £450
Karainagar Muththamizh Peravai (Kalapoomy) £300
2014 4th Cataract  Surgery  fund £950
Dr.S.Sabaratnam’s medical camp £500
Karai Manivaasakar sabai £200
Valanthalai Hospital permanent fund deposit £5000
Fund allocated to refurbish wells, ponds, etc. to provide water £2500
Sadaiyaali school computer room refurbishment £300
Karai Central Development society computer room furniture £250
1800 books and furnitures sponsored to Karainagar library £5000
Kalapoomi _ Ayural Vetha Hospital Land Purchase. £5,910
Urri – School Pavilion £500
Kalapoomy – Yogaraniyam – Water pump £460
Kalapoomy Kalaiyakam £450
2013 3rd Cataract Surgery £2530
Dr.S.Sabaratnam’s medical camp £650
Valanthalai Hospital male&female ward fully refurbished £4000
Karai Hindu College deposit £5000
Subramaniya vithiyasaalai New road £500
Karai Manivaasakar sabai £200
Fund to volunteer teachers at Vanni leading schools through DEEP Global £1000
Karainagar ibrary furniture sponsored £1000
Suntharamoorthy N V – Allady School £875
Yoga class @ Yogaraniyam – Yoga class £250
Thoppokaddu School Photocopier £300
2012 Karai Mani Vaasakar Sabai £100
Valanthalai Hospital Kitchen refurbish £400
Kovinthan school children park and other refurbishment work £500
Sand deposit to play ground and permanent electricity connection to digital library and of KHS £900
Viyaavil Hindu school refurbishment work £525
25 acres land purchase for water reservoir plan in Kalapoomy £1350
Evening English and computer lesson teachers payment to Yarlton college £900
Suntharamoorthy N V – School Playground Improvement £1,500
2011 Valanthalai Junction Bus Stand – Building a bus shelter for memorial of Mr Thiliampalavaner. £6,000
1st Cataract Surgery £2400
Purchase a plot of land to build a reservoir at Kalapoomi. £550
Jaffna GeneralHospital- Recovery area for the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory. £3,000
2010 Improvement works to school – Money has been sent to KAS, but works still to be identified. Money allocated to Uri, Palavodai, Suntharamoorthy Nayannar Vidayalam. £3,500
Helping Internal Displaced People (IDP)- Medicine, cloths and food for IDP camp. £14,500
Drinking Water Supply-Bowser – Purchased a new 5,500 litre small ELF Bowser. £15,500
Drinking Water Supply Bower – Purchased a new Askoh Leyland lorry that mounted with a new 13,500 litre stainless steel tank. £28,000
Chunaham well repair & replace of water pump and bowser repair. £1,600
2009 MoolaiHospital– improvement works. £500
Dr A Thiyagarajah MMV Junior School- Building improvement works. £1,000
Kilinochi Emergency Relief Fund. £1,000
Mr Nadarasa Sivanesan Kidney Transplant. £1,200
2008 & 2007 Suntharamoorthy Nayannar – Library Furniture. £1,000
Valanthalai Junction Bus Stand- Purchase a plot of land for bus stop & shelter. £1,000
Drainage improvement works- Refurbish and clear out existing drainage channel. £2,000
Supramaniya Vidayalam- Buildings refurbishment. £2,000
PalavodaiSchool £1,000
2006 YarltonCollege–Library Books / drinking water tanks. £1,100
Water Containers – water container for drinking water distribution. £1,000
Spillways / Culvert repairs. £800
Viyavil Saiva Vidayalam – Set up a Library /Readingroom. £1,000
Hospital – Dental Clinic equipment, patient’s dinning room. £1,300
PalavodaiSchool. £1,000
2005 Drinking water Supply Project – Purchase water bowser, holding tanks etc. £17,000
Tsunami Relief – TRO / White Pigeon. £500
Dr A Thiyagarajah MMV – Computer room improvements. £1,500
2004 Computer & printer to Yarlton College £1,500
Hospital refrigerator, bed and Ambulance repair £2,000
Help to elders home near Sivakaami Amman Kovil £300
Meikandaan School £1,000
2003 Hospital – Electricity Generator. £1,000
Valanthalai North AM School £2,000
2002 Suntharamoorhy Nayanar Vidyalayam. £1,500
Viyavil Saviva Vidalayam. £1,000
Thikkarai Rural Development Society. £1,000
2001 Dr A Thiagarajah MMV – New Block start up fund £6,000
2000 Viyavil Saiva Vidayalam. £1,350
Dr A Thiyagarajah MMV – New Block start up fund. £3,000
TRO £300
    1999    Viyaavil Viththiyaalam – Machine & laboratory furnitures £1,350
Thiagarajah Sivasubramaniam funeral expenses £1,450
Displaced people in Vanni through IBC £300
Library & furnitures to Thiagarajah Maha Viththiyaalayam £9,000
Hospital £1,500
Yarlton College £1,580
1998 Thiagarajah Maha Viththiyaalayam – For displaced children needs £1,500
1996 Fund sent through TRO & Scot to displaced people £1,000
 1995  Educational fund to both children & university students £500 
1994 Educational fund to displaced children in Siththankeni and Sulipuram £150
Educational fund to Jaffna University Karainagar students £800
Valanthalai American Mission School £2,000
Electric Generator to Karainagar hostpital £1,000
 TOTAL  £238,764 

In July 2015, KWS-UK sponsored the cataract surgery carried out in Kilinochchi

வன்னிப் பகுதியில் வறுமைக்கோட்டுக்கு கீழ் வாழும் 100 வயோதிபர்களுக்கு கண்படர் அகற்றல் சிகிச்சை வழங்கியது பிருத்தானியா காரை நலன் புரிச்சங்கம்.

Karainagar Students’ Library (Click here)

Funding Jaffna Hospital improvement

Karai Welfare Society (UK) has funded £3000 to set up a recovery area and equips the recently built Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory in the Cardiology Unit in Jaffna Teaching Hospital  Sri Lanka.

Catheterisation laboratory which was donated by the Canadian Government will enable the hospital to perform coronary angiogram and other therapeutic procedures in Jaffna. This is a big step forward in the management of heart patients.

Water Supply to Karainagar

Karai Welfare Society (UK) purchased two new water bowsers for our people in Karainagar. The old water bowser was fitted with a mild steel tank purchased in 2005, had corrosion problems due to local environment and operating conditions. This was not possible to continue to use.

A 13,500-litre stainless steel tank was purchased in UK and transported to Sri Lanka in June 2010. This tank was fitted to a new Ashok Leyland lorry, which was purchased in Colombo. The total cost of this bowser is approximately £28,000.

We also bought a 5,500 litre small ELF bowser in December 2010 which is serving people living in small lanes. The cost of this bowser is approximately £15,000.  The small bowser was purchased money raised from the sale of the old bowser and revenue from the water supply.

Currently it is estimated that Karainagar have about 11,000 residents and is slowly growing. At present over 70% of the residents are benefiting from drinking water supply scheme. On average 20,000 litres per day of drinking water is being distributed to the residents. During summer months, the bowser brings water from Chunnakam 2 or 3 times every day.

The bowser crew supply water to about 165 individuals and/or distribution points. The amounts supplied ranges from 100 to 2000 litres. A nominal charge of 50 cents per litre is charged to cover the operating costs.

We have established a system and procedures so that sufficient money could be saved for future replacement of the water bowser without further donations from overseas. We are also actively seeking long-term viable solution for our drinking water problem.

Karai Welfare Society is appealing to all expatriate Karaigarian to make a generous donation towards this project.

We also wish to say THANK YOU to those who have donated money to this project.