KWS(UK) Projects
TOTAL= £238,764

Year            Fund Provided

    2016                  £29,704
    2015                  £8,250
      2014                  £22,020
        2013                  £16,305
          2012                  £6,175
            2011                  £13,150
              2010                  £63,100
                2009                  £3,700
                  2008                  £4,000
                    2007                  £3,000
                      2006                  £6,200
                        2005                  £19,000
                          2004                  £4,800
                            2003                  £3,000
                              2002                  £3,500
                                2001                  £6,000
                                  2000                  £4,650
                                    1999                  £15,260
                                      1998                  £1,500
                                        1996                  £1,000
                                          1995                  £500
                                            1994                  £3,950
                                                TOTAL     =      £238,764

                                                  Karainagar in 2040

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    Beach Trip 2015

    KYO (UK) – Beach Trip 2015

    What an eventful weekend for KYO!

    Saturday 25th July: we went down to support our first ever Karai Football Team playing in their first match! They played against Pungudutheevu, and what a match it was! We won the match and won the cup! WELL DONE TEAM KARAI!

    On Sunday, KYO went on a beach trip to Bournemouth – yes it was pouring down with rain and the winds were howling away – but that did not stop us! We had a fantastic day with lots of fun and games. On the coach trip to the beach we played charades, which became very competitive and the two teams were thinking of old and hard Tamil films to defeat the other team. When we arrived at the beach we were astonished – the beach was practically empty! We had the whole beach to ourselves; against the strong winds we played Kabadi, Killi-thattu and the classic British playground game Bulldog. For lunch we went down to the local café to have a range of traditional fish’n’chips, sandwiches, and warm hot chocolate with melting marshmallows. Mmmhmmm. The café had to put up a ‘house full’ sign just so that they can accommodate us! We drove down the Bournemouth Pier for a while, where we bought a rugby ball and played a rugby match. On the way back, we were stuck in traffic for hours – but no one had noticed because of all the games and fun inside the coach. We were so engrossed in playing paatuku-paatu, we didn’t even realise that the coach hadn’t stopped at the service station! Such a great day! Considering the weather was ‘as cold as October’ (quoted from the Metro this morning) – we had the maximum level of fun! The main aim was so that we can all get to know each other, and we believe we have succeeded! At the beginning of the trip people were shy to get up and play charades, but on the way back no one even thought twice about singing off-tune and forgetting the wordings during paatuku-paatu. Special thanks to Thaya Anna who drove the coach for us – he was so understanding, and even he came down to play a few games of Kabadi with us! Special thanks to Gajen Anna, Radha Akka, and Ragavan Anna who came with us and supported us!

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